When you connect with a cleaner - either by inviting them to the platform or accepting their bid - they are enabled to your property or properties. When cleaners are enabled on your property, they will be able to see the projects scheduled for that property and that are published. You can unpublish projects from your schedule, which will then hide it for all cleaners enabled on that project's property, so they can't see or accept it. Your reservation bookings are always hidden and can't be seen by cleaners.

Click here for a guide on how to invite cleaners
Click here for a guide on how to find a new cleaner
Click here for a guide on how to enable and disable cleaners

Keep in mind that these instructions are for the website version of the platform only (which you access by logging in to turnoverbnb.com).


How to publish and unpublish projects manually

To publish or hide projects from cleaners, you can go to the Schedule or Projects pages.

In the Schedule page, click on a project and you'll see a few buttons on its pop-up card that will come up, like so:

Click on "details" and the project's view board will be displayed right next to your calendar:

Click on the green three dotted button at the top right of the project view board and a menu with a number of options will be displayed. If the project is not assigned to any cleaners, you can publish it if it is unpublished, or unpublish it if it is published.

Publishing a project that is unpublished will make it public it to the cleaners enabled on that property, while unpublishing it will hide it for all cleaners.

If there is a cleaner assigned to the project and you'd like to cancel it and hide it, you can follow the same steps to see the project's view board and then select "remove cleaner" from the menu to remove the cleaner from it (as shown below), and then unpublish the project.

To hide a project in the Projects page, click on a project in the pending list, then on the green dotted icon to the right of the project details and click on "hide project from cleaners".

The project will be unpublished. When a project is unpublished and you'd like to publish it, just click on the green dotted icon and then on "publish project to cleaners".

If the project you'd like to hide to cleaners is assigned to one already, simply go to the "accepted" tab and again, remove the cleaner from it - on this page, you can do this by clicking on the same dotted icon and then on remove cleaner - once the project is not assigned to any cleaners, you can hide it.


How to control which projects are published?

By default, newly generated projects are always published. If you only need your cleaners for a few dates, there is a setting you can change in order for your new generated projects to remain hidden by default until you manually publish the cleanings you'll need them for. 

To access your property's settings, go to your Properties page, click on the green three dotted icon on your property's card and then on "update property":

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

Navigate to the "calendars" tab, where you'll see a number of options. The third one is the setting to automatically publish new cleaning projects to your cleaners as they are created, either immediately or at 1-8 weeks before a project's date. You can also disable it by unchecking the box, which will then require you to manually publish your projects - while you don't publish them, your cleaners can't see them.

You can then proceed to manually publish the cleaning projects you need your cleaners to accept, following the steps above.

Note: If you want full control over which cleaners will be doing your cleanings, you can keep your projects unpublished by disabling the setting above and then don't publish your projects, but use the direct assign feature to assign cleaners manually to projects without waiting on them to accept. Click here for a guide on how to manually assign cleaners to projects.

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