Why are my bookings not showing up?

There are a few reasons why a booking may not be showing up on your TurnoverBnB schedule even though you have added your rental calendar(s).

A common scenario where a booking doesn't show up is because a reservation that is booked too late in the day for the next day will not sync on TurnoverBnB and, in turn, will not generate a cleaning project. Since the system doesn't sync to past bookings, it will not show up on later dates either.

If you checked and this is not the case and you are trying to troubleshoot your calendar, please see the following solutions:

1. Manually force a sync

If a booking is too recent, TurnoverBnB may not be importing it yet. The system automatically syncs to your iCal calendar to pick up any updates (canceled bookings, new bookings) once every 2 hours. If a booking is more recent than that, the system may not have picked it up yet.

There is a button in your schedule that you can use to manually force a sync before the automatic 2-hour sync. You can find this button at the top right of your schedule by clicking the two circular arrows, and then clicking "sync again now", like so:

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

If you have many properties and bookings, this process may take several minutes, but your new bookings should show up after it's done.


2. Allow TurnoverBnB to import blocked dates

Sometimes, a rental calendar may have blocked dates in it, or dates marked as not available.
If your calendar is from any of our supported platforms and it has such blocked dates, TurnoverBnB will not sync to them by default. You need to switch on a setting that allows the system to sync to your blocked dates.

To do this, go to the Calendars tab in your property's settings (see the Syncing rental calendar guide if you can't find it) - under your calendar's url, you will see this option:

For [your rental platform] calendars, import non-[your rental platform] events from my [your rental platform] calendar. This option will import blocked dates from your [rental platform] calendar and will assign cleanings to them.

Click on the box to switch it on, and then choose an option from the menu:

  • Import all non-[your rental platform] events from my [your rental platform] calendar, except those marked as 'Not Available': all events and blocked dates in your rental calendar, including bookings for other platforms that are connected to the calendar you uploaded to TurnoverBnB, should be imported, except for dates that you marked as Not Available (no one can book it). 

  • Import all non-[your rental platform] events from my [your rental platform] calendar (not recommended): this will import all of the appointments in your calendar, bookings, non-bookings, blocked dates, dates marked as not available, etc, and the system will create cleaning projects attached to them as if they were bookings. We do not recommend this because it may cause double projects on the same date or simply undesired projects to be created.

NOTE: If you use more than one rental platform, we recommend that, instead of using this option, simply add all of your calendars to your property individually, to guarantee full support. This will ensure that you and your cleaners don't miss any bookings, or don't end up with double projects.

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