Even when a project is generated automatically by the system, you can edit it's information.

Editing a project is useful when you need to:

  • Edit the project's date

  • Edit the project's time

  • Editing the project's cleaning price

  • Edit the project's associated checklist

  • Restrict it to specific cleaners

You can edit projects by accessing them from the Schedule page or List page, under the "Projects" section. The Schedule page contains a calendar view, and the List page contains a list view of your projects.

(You must be logged in to your host account for the buttons above to work)

In the List page, find the project you want to edit in the Pending or Accepted tabs (depending on whether it is already assigned to a cleaner or not), click on the project, then on the green three dotted icon to the right which will open a menu, then click on "edit project":

Either one of these paths will take you to a screen like the one below, where you can change the project's date by clicking on the "begin date" field, change its cleaning price in the "cleaning price field" (remember to set whether it is an hourly or flat rate, too), as well as a few other options, explained below.

Same Day Cleaning Window (highlighted in red):
You can use this option to extend the project's cleaning window. When you uncheck the box for the same day cleaning window, you will be able to select another date to be this project's end date, which means this project will be extended. Your cleaner will have an extended window of time that they can start and complete this project.

Use property default checklist (highlighted in blue):
When checked, this means that the checklist that is enabled on this project's property will show to the cleaner in their mobile app when they start this project. You can change this specific project's checklist by unchecking the box and selecting another one of your checklists from the new "select checklist" field that will show up.

Restrict to Specific Cleaners (highlighted in green):
You can check this box to select a specific cleaner to restrict this project to. This means that this project will be available only to them and will not show up on other cleaners' scheduled besides the ones you select. This does not mean that the selected cleaner will be assigned to the project, and rather that only they will be able to accept it.
Click on the "restrict to specific cleaners box" and then select a cleaner from the "available to" field (you can select multiple cleaners):

Once you're done with your changes, make sure to click on the "update" button at the bottom right, so that your changes will be saved.

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