When you sync your rental calendar to TurnoverBnB, the system will import your bookings and automatically generate cleaning projects associated with the dates you have guests checking out of your property.

The projects are the cleaning appointments in your TurnoverBnB calendar that you can share with your cleaners so they know the dates you need to have your property cleaned.

If you need help syncing a calendar, please check out the following guides:

Even so, there may be occasions when the projects generated by the system do not cover all of the situations or dates you need a cleaning project for.

In this case, you might need to create a cleaning project manually. 

How to manually add a new project to your schedule 

To manually add a project, click on the "Add Manual Project" button located at the top left of the Schedule page:

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

You can also do this from the List page by clicking on the "Add Manual Project" button also located at the top right of the page like so:

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

Whichever screen you click on this button from, it will take you to the "Add Manual Project" screen, where you must select the project's property (highlighted in red below).

You can also adjust the project's date and time, and update the cleaning price for this specific project by disabling the "Price" toggle (there you can edit the amount itself for this cleaning project only and you can also change if it's paid per hour or per project):

You can also edit a few other options, as explained below:

Select a checklist (highlighted in dark blue): You can select one of your checklists to show for this specific property.

Click the selected checklist in the drop-down menu to remove the associated checklist, or simply select another one.

Choose between Single or Repeating Project (highlighted in light blue): You can select "Single Project" if this will be a single instance or "Repeating Project" if you would like to set a group of recurring projects to happen within a determined time period. You can choose from Daily to Yearly for the repeating time.

Guest Arrives Same Day (highlighted in pink):
You can use this option to let your cleaner know that they can only do the cleaning project on that specific day/time. When you check the "Guest Arrives Same Day" box, your cleaner will see the tag on the project's card, notifying them that a guest will check out and another one will check in later on the same day.

TurnoverBnB automatically adds this tag to projects that exist between a check-out and check-in on the same day.

This is the tag that the cleaner sees on the project when the

"Guest Arrives Same Day" box is checked.

Assign to a cleaner or Restrict to Specific Cleaners (highlighted in green):
You can check this box to directly assign a project to a cleaner, or restrict this project to specific cleaners only. This means that this project will be available only to them and will not show up on other cleaners' project requests besides the ones you select.
This does not mean that the selected cleaner will be assigned to the project, just that only they will be able to accept it.

Click on the "Assign to a cleaner or Restrict to Specific Cleaners" box, then on "Assign" or "Specific Cleaners", and then select a cleaner from the "Available to" dropdown menu. You can select multiple cleaners when restricting a project, but only assign a project to one cleaner:

Visible (highlighted in orange):
When enabled, this means that this project will be published to your enabled cleaners as soon as you save it, making it visible to them.

If disabled, it will make the project hidden from your cleaners, even after it is saved, until you publish it manually.

If you'd like to know more about it, please check out the following guide: Publishing and unpublishing projects

Once you're done setting up your new project, make sure to click on the "Add Special Project" button at the bottom right, so that your new project is added to your schedule.

It's located right next to the "Visible" toggle.

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