As a host, you can make manual payments to your cleaners. Manual payments are useful when:

  • Your cleaner completed a project that was not in your schedule, so they couldn't mark it as complete to trigger an automatic payment.

  • Your cleaner's automatic payment was declined after they completed the project, so you need to retry it manually.

  • You are not using automatic payments with your existing cleaners, but would like to pay them via TurnoverBnB to keep it all in one place.

  • Your cleaner requested for an additional amount after the project was completed, or you would like to send them a tip.

Note: Marketplace cleaners, that you connect with by accepting their bid, must be paid automatically. If a payment gets declined or you need to make an additional payment to your cleaner, you can use manual payments. You can do this at any time, but be careful not to trigger double payments: always check if your Payment History to make sure your cleaner's payment hasn't succeeded yet before making a manual payment to avoid double payments.

How to make a manual payment

While logged in to your host account in the website, go to Pay My Cleaners > Manual Payments, or use the button below.

(You must be logged in to your TurnoverBnB host account in the website for the button above to work)

In the Manual Payments page, you will see a number of fields:

Search or select a cleaner: Choose the cleaner you'd like to send the payment to. Only cleaners that have setup a payments account can be selected. Cleaners that have not set up a payments account yet will be grayed out.

If your cleaner needs help setting up a payments account, share the following article with them: How to set up a payments account to receive payments in TurnoverBnB?

Show only from last 30 days: Keep this option checked to ensure the list of projects will show only the projects from the last 30 days.

Hide already paid projects: If you are paying your cleaner for a particular project, make sure to keep this option checked to avoid double payments. When this is checked, the list of projects will only show projects that haven't been paid for yet. A project must have a "succeeded" transaction in order to count as "paid".

Search or select a project: You can select a project from the drop down menu or start typing the name of the property or project ID number, if you know it. If the project has already been completed, there will be a "(completed)" indication next to it.

Currency: Make sure your currency is correct.

Amount: If you have selected a project, this field will be auto populated, but you can adjust it or enter a specific amount if you haven't selected a project.

Payment Method: Make sure to choose your payment method if you have added more than one to your account.

Notes to Cleaner (optional): This will be shown in the payment's description, both on your side and the cleaner's side.

Once you're ready, make sure to click "Send Payment" at the bottom. Once you do, the system will show a notification at the top of the page to confirm if the payment was sent successfully, or if it was declined.

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