When you open a search for cleaners in the marketplace as a host, you will receive bids from cleaners available in your property's general area. You can chat with them prior to accepting their bid, but they will only be able to see and accept your projects after you add them to your team by accepting their bid.

Note: Accepting a cleaner's bid allows you to share your contact information and meet up before a cleaning actually happens, but you can continue to negotiate with the cleaner after this point.

If you need to change their rate later on, you can change it from your property's settings. Here is a guide: How to update a cleaner's rate.

If you later find the relationship doesn't work, you can simply remove them from your team, no commitments. Here is another guide: How to be disconnected from a cleaner.

Before accepting a bid

Add a payment method

We require a payment method to make sure you are serious about your search. You will not be charged at this time. You do not pay any fees for opening a search for cleaners, chatting with cleaners or accepting bids. Payments are processed only after a project is completed by a cleaner.

Add a calendar to your property

We need to link a calendar from your booking website to create cleaning projects automatically. Please add one prior to accepting a cleaner’s bid.

Accepting a bid

On the website, go to "cleaner search results" and you will see a list of your open searches. A button with the number of bids you have received will show on the search's card. Click on it and a list of the bids you received for that offer will be shown.

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

Click on a cleaner's bid to view more details about the bid.

On the cleaner's bid page, you will see more details about the cleaner and their bid. A card will show the cleaner's bid amount, which will become their default rate to clean your property when you add them to your team. Along with this card, there will be a button to "accept bid and add to my team", like so:

(Depending on the size of your screen, the button to accept the bid might show under the bid's details, and not to the side like in the screenshot above).

If you have not added a payment method and a calendar yet, the following notice will be shown and you can click the buttons to add the required information from there:

As soon as you have entered all of your information, when you click to accept the bid, this screen will be shown to indicate the cleaner has been successfully adde to your team:

If you have more bids for this property, you will be prompted to add more cleaners to your team by accepting their bids right away. You can click to "add all cleaners", or select the ones you'd like to add in this screen:

If you'd like to add more cleaners, make sure to switch the button to "yes" for all the cleaners you'd like to add:

Then, you will be prompted to select which properties to add these cleaners to. You can click on the field that shows your property's name to select more properties. You can add these cleaners to as many properties as you need. Make sure to add them to all properties you'd like them to receive projects from. Once you're ready, click "next".

When you are adding several cleaners to a property, or adding a new cleaner to a property that already has other cleaners enabled on it, the next screen will prompt you to select a role for the cleaner.

Primary Cleaners will be notified of your projects first. We recommend you designate only one cleaner as primary. If you have several cleaners designated as primary, all of them will see a project, but only one can accept it.

Backup Cleaners will only be notified of your projects if the primary cleaner rejects it (or if no primary cleaner exists for that property).

And that's it! The cleaner will be added to your team and added to your properties as you've selected them. From this point on, they will be able to see and accept the projects from your schedule that are available to them.

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