When a transaction is started to your cleaners on TurnoverBnB, a payment log will show in your Payment History tab, which is located under Pay My Cleaners > Payments Settings in the web version of the platform. In the mobile app, just go to the "Payments" screen.

You can also use the button below to access it:

(You must be logged in to your TurnoverBnB host account in the website for the button above to work)

Payment logs can have the following statuses: Authorized, Error (declined), Voided, Succeeded or Pending. These are their meanings:

  • Authorized: the payment has been authorized and the money is currently on hold to pay your cleaner once they complete the project in question. Authorizations are canceled if the project isn't completed for any reason.

  • Error (declined): the transaction has failed due to an issue with your payment method and the payment wasn't initiated. If the error is associated with a manual payment, it has to be retried manually once the issue is fixed. If it is associated with an authorization, the system will retry the payment if 1) you change your payment method or 2) once the cleaner marks the project as complete.

  • Voided: the transaction got canceled or has been manually voided. The authorized or succeeded value will process back to your account in up to 10 days or has already been refunded.

  • Pending: this status is specific to the ACH (bank debit) payment method. ACH payments will have this status while we receive acknowledgment of their success or failure. This process can take 5 business days. Because of this, ACH payments take up to 7 business days to be reflected in your cleaner's available Stripe balance.

  • Succeeded: the charge and payment went through successfully. Either a manual payment has succeeded or, in the case of automatic payments, the cleaner has marked the project as completed and now Stripe (our third party payments processor) will process the payment to the cleaner.

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