These policies are in regards to relationships that are created on our platform (marketplace connections). In order to use TurnoverBnB's marketplace, you are prompted to read and agree to our terms and policies, including our Terms of Service. A list of important policies and terms are explained below.

Note: We reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently ban a person’s account if we suspect that they are committing repeated or severe violations.

In order to protect our business and our marketplace we prohibit the following behavior:

  • Taking a business relationship offline (off the TurnoverBnB platform), for current or future projects.

  • Including links or embedding information or buttons that will lead people to taking the relationship off of TurnoverBnB.

  • Submitting payment off of our platform, or requesting to have services paid for off our platform.

  • Circumventing our platform in any way.

  • Convincing someone else to circumvent our platform.

Chatting with another user before a bid is accepted (Pre-connection chat):

What is allowed

  • Price negotiating.

  • Confirming general capabilities.

  • Confirming general location.

What is NOT allowed

  • Sharing your email address.

  • Sharing your business name.

  • Sharing your phone number.

  • Sharing your personal address, or your property's address.

  • Sharing any specific locations or attempt to meet another party before the bid is accepted on the TurnoverBnB platform.

  • Sharing your website or any other link that will allow the other person to contact you off of the TurnoverBnB platform.

  • In general, you are not allowed to share any information that will allow the other user to contact you or pay you off of our platform.

Note: All messages are subject to monitoring where we can decide to block a message as well as suspend or ban a user.

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