Sharing the number of guests who will be arriving on your next reservation after a cleaning can be an important piece of information for the cleaners preparing your property for them.

On TurnoverBnB, this information can be automatically shared with your cleaners if you use a property management software, which we can connect with via API integrations. If you use an iCal to connect with your rental platform, however, our system can only retrieve it if this information is somehow available within the iCal itself. Generally, it is not available. Below we show an alternative that you can use, which is to manually add this information to your projects.

Use a Property Management Software/Channel Manager integration

Currently, we support Booking Factory, Guesty, Smoobu, Hostaway, FantasticStay, Hostfully, OwnerRez, Smartbnb/Hospitable, Host Tools, Track and Zeevou via API Integration.

To add a rental calendar via API key integration from one of the rental platforms that are currently supported in TurnoverBnB, go to your integration settings and follow the instructions for your platform.

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

If you need additional help connecting your channel manager, you can also follow the guide that you can access by clicking on the button below:

Once you connect it and sync each listing to a TurnoverBnB property, as long as this information is gathered by your property management software, it will be shown in the details section of your projects just like in the example below:

A screenshot of the details of a project in TurnoverBnB, showing the information that six guests will arrive in the next check-in.

Add the number of guests manually to the project's notes

If you are using iCals from your rental platforms or a property management software we don't currently integrate with, you need to add this information manually.

Note: If there are notes available in your iCal calendars, with the number of guests and other information about bookings, you can make them appear to your cleaners automatically by enabling the option to display from your iCal calendar. You can find that option under the "Calendars" tab of your property's settings:

Unfortunately, when this information is not within your property's iCal, our system can't retrieve it. Generally, it is not available.

The alternative here is to manually add the number of guests and other information to the project notes to let your cleaners know.

To add notes to a project, click on your project in your Schedule view, and then hit "edit project":

This will take you to the edit project screen, where you can add notes to the project. "Host notes" are visible only for yourself and your co-hosts. "Additional notes visible to cleaner" will be visible to your cleaners.

Make sure to click the "Update" button after you write your notes.

This is what the note will look like on your cleaner's side in the mobile app:

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