Connecting your TurnoverBnB account to Taskbird is quick and allows you to share and assign your cleaning projects from TurnoverBnB with a crew within Taskbird. If you need help with this process, read on! 😉

First, to connect your TurnoverBnB account to Taskbird, you'll need to download the Taskbird app on your phone. Once you download it, click on the index options below to read about the step you need help with. 🎉


Signing up

After you download the app, open it, and on the first screen you can:

  1. Sign in with an Apple, a Google, or a Facebook account

  2. Sign up with an email address

After you successfully completed the signup process, you can always log in by clicking on the "Log In" option right under the "Already have an account?" text.

If you register using an email, after you tap on the "Log In" option, you can use the email and password that you created when you first registered.

Just type them on each respective field and tap on the "Log In" button to proceed.

Important: A Taskbird account can have a different email from the TurnoverBnB account, but they could also have the same email address and password if you want.

Integrating to TurnoverBnB on Taskbird

After you've got an account and are logged in, you can integrate your TurnoverBnB account to Taskbird 🔃

As soon as you log in on the Taskbird app, you'll see the main screen (screenshot below). Click on the 3-dots button to go to the "More" screen and start the integration process with TurnoverBnB.

Now that you're on the "More" screen, click on the Integrations option.

Then, tap on the "Connect with TurnoverBnB" option.

Here, tap on the "Sync with TurnoverBnB" button located at the bottom of the screen.

Now you have to use the same email address and password that you use when you log in to your TurnoverBnB account.

Just a reminder that this email address could be different from the Taskbird account, so if you have more than one email address, make sure that you input the one that you used to register to TurnoverBnB here.

The same thing applies to the password as it has to be the same one you use on TurnoverBnB.

After you fill out the email and the password fields with your TurnoverBnB credentials, click on the Connect button.

If everything is all set, this will sync your TurnoverBnB account and projects with your Taskbird account.

If you check the Integrations page again in your Taskbird app, you should now see the "Connected on [the date that you successfully integrated with TurnoverBnB]" text right above the TurnoverBnB logo, and if you tap on it, you'll see more info about the integration.

That's it, you've successfully connected to Taskbird! ✨

If you have additional questions about the Taskbird app, make sure to check the Taskbird help center as well! 😉

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