Whether you're a customer, developer, or manager on Turtle, you'll take part in weekly demos. The purpose of a demo is to get an update on progress, remove blockers, and ensure that next steps are clear.

Max 30 min, once per week, over Turtle's integrated Zoom video calls.

Here's how the 30 m (0:00-0:30) should go

Budget review [0:00-0:05]

  • Share your screen on zoom and open up the Budget Page in app.turtle.ai 
  • Explain how much time was spent last week
  • Ask the customer if they are ok with that spend for the week

What got done? [0:05-0:15]

  • Ask the customer & developer if there are any blockers. If there are, open the floor to resolve the blockers.
  • Ask each developer to share their screen and show what got done since the last demo.

If there are more than 3 developers on a team, keep it to a max of 3 presenters it can fit in 10m.

If too much time is being spent on details, ask others to move those points to  to Turtle Chat.

What's next? [0:15-0:25]

  • Share your screen on zoom and open up the Tasks Page in app.turtle.ai 
  • Ensure the tasks that are prioritized for the coming week are under the Active section
  • If the tasks for the week aren't fully estimated, as developer(s) to estimate them
  • Confirm with developer "how many hours do you have available to work this week?"

Clean up the task list [0:25-0:30]

For the last part of the call, developers or a manager should screenshare Turtle and organize the task list based on what was covered in the demo.

Be as clear as possible but a rough draft is better than nothing. 

This part of the meeting is critical, as it's a visual and explicit summary of everyone being on the same page for the next week ahead.

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