Welcome to Turtle. While Turtle is busy getting you matched, you can get started.

Access our app and start filling in your backlog.
You can log in to Turtle's web app here: https://app.turtle.ai/
If you have a totally new project, you may see something like this:

It's never too early to start prioritizing your backlog. Having items in there can help Turtle most accurately match you and will help you hit the ground running once matched.

You can read about how to use Turtle here, or try clicking around.
Pro-tip: there are two ways to add to your backlog from this view. You can type into "what's next" and then drag the item under "Backlog" or press "add subtask" when you hover over Backlog.

You can also take this time to add team members. 

Preparing for your first call with your team.
Turtle functions by making the most out of asynchronous work. This allows Companies to spend far less time managing their dev teams and allows developers to focus on their work instead of meetings.

Most Turtle teams are able to run their weekly calls within 30 minutes.

Your first call will be treated as a "getting started" call, and someone from Turtle will join to assist. Future calls will be treated as a demo.

All demos are run via our Zoom integration and follow a simple structure.
You can read more about running successful demos and the demo structure here.

Budget, contracts, etc.
Someone from Turtle will contact your before you're matched with your team to make sure you know how to refill your account and that all contracts are setup.

We encourage customers to keep a close eye on their budget and have built an interface that makes seeing where your spend goes easy. Based on your first month, please contact Turtle if you'd like to speed up, down, or add/remove/change team members.

Other tips.
Weekly calls will get you pretty far, but we encourage cleaning up your backlog and priorities every new month and every new quarter. We also recommended setting your top monthly and quarterly Turtle objectives to make sure you're navigating the forest (monthly/quarterly) and not just the trees (weekly).

Our software and simplified processes make things easy, but success still depends on how you and your developers work together. Treat each other with respect and be clear with expectations. Communicate often (via Turtle chat) and make the most of your weekly demos. 

If you have any questions, we're here to help. Shoot as an email, hit the chat button at the bottom right of this page, or click on the Turtle icon at the bottom left of Turtle's app. We're also big fans of direct feedback! 

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