Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a suite of services that reduce development time. Instead of paying a dev to build features common to every app--like storing files and delivering emails--you can pay Amazon for this functionality and let the dev focus on things more unique to your app.

AWS is priced like a utility. For example, you're charged based on how much file storage you use and how many emails you deliver. Because AWS is so affordable, even large companies such as Comcast and Expedia rely on AWS.

AWS offers a free tier which you can use while developing your app. This article will walk you through how to setup an account.

Sign up to the service

Navigate to and click on the sign up button

Enter in your email, a password, and an account name and click continue. (An account name is basically a username we recommend using your company name for clarity.)

Select the "Professional" for the Account Type, fill in all of your information, and hit continue.

Enter in your credit card information and hit next.

Remember you will not be charged unless you exceed the free tier limits! This means up to 5GB of file storage or sending 62,000 emails. This is a lot so don't worry about exceeding this limit while you are developing the app.

Enter in your telephone number. You will get an automated call from Amazon to verify your account. They do this to prevent abuse of their free tier.

Select the Free support plan. You likely won't need paid support and can always upgrade if you need it later.

Wait a couple of minutes and check your e-mail. You should get an e-mail like "Welcome to Amazon Web Services."

Invite the dev to your AWS account

Go to
You will be prompted to login

Type in your e-mail and hit the next button. Then type in your password and hit next. You will be taken to a user management screen.

Click on Add User

Type a sensible username for your dev like their full name. Then make sure your settings match the screenshot below and click next.

Click "Attach Policies Directly", check AdministratorAccess, and click Next

You will be taken to a final screen. Download the .csv file just as a backup just in case.

Click on the send email link. You will be taken to an e-mail composer. Type in their e-mail address and hit send.

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