How is Turtle different than UpWork or other freelancer marketplaces?
Turtle takes care of finding projects for you and ensuring a smooth communications process with customers. Our culture and product are built around making sure you can do your most focused, efficient, and interesting work. We test for customers who are respectful of freelancers and can plan clearly. You can update your ideally weekly commitment at any time. Most freelancers work 10-25 hours per week.

How do I start working on Turtle?
You can apply here. You'll go through a technical test before you will be placed on a project. After that, update your ideal weekly availability each week and we'll do our best to match you to ideal hours.

I have other commitments.  Do you have projects that don't require me to be available full-time?
You do not have to be full time. Most freelancers on Turtle work 10-25 hours per week. 

What kind of work is on Turtle?
Most Turtle customers are tech startups hiring freelance software devs in React, React Native, iOS, or Android development. We cover a few other specialties, but these four are the current focus.

Am I paid for time spent researching or thinking through a customer's problem?
Absolutely. We encourage our talent to spend more time thinking about the right solution and less time coding the wrong solutions.

What if a client doesn't pay Turtle for work -- do I get paid?
Yes. You'll be paid for all work that you do on Turtle.

How strong do my english language skills have to be?
You should have strong written english and communication skills. Your verbal skills do not have to be perfect, but you should be able to participate in a 30 minute weekly demo with your customer(s).

How do I join Turtle?
To join as a dev, apply here:

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