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How to Engage with Content
How to Engage with Content

Liking, commenting, and reposting features.

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If you're reading this, there's a good chance you are getting used to interacting with TUVU!

At this point, you might be wondering how to engage with other members posts. It's simple! Follow the steps below and you'll be a pro!

Follow these steps to LIKE a post:

  1. Open the TUVU App

  2. Double tap on any given post to LIKE*.


    Click the heart on the bottom right corner of the post to LIKE*.

    *You will know when you have LIKED a post when the outlined heart at the bottom of the post turns from an outline to a solid grey, filled in heart.

Follow these steps to Comment on a post:

  1. Open the TUVU App

  2. There will be a speech bubble shape on the bottom right corner of any given post. Click on it to comment.

  3. Once you have clicked on the comment icon, click the left side of the text box to comment. It will read "Say Something!"

  4. Type in your message, and click the Send icon on the left of the text box.

    Once you have commented, the comment icon will turn to a solid grey filled icon and your comment will appear in the comments section.

Follow these steps to Repost a post:

  1. Open the TUVU App

  2. Click the repost icon (two arrows making a square shape) on the bottom right of any post you would like to repost.

  3. Once on the repost screen, add a customized caption in the text box if you'd like, and click REPOST.

Easy enough! You are well on your way to becoming a pro TUVU member! :)

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