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How to Find People to Follow
How to Find People to Follow

Wanting to explore the TUVU community? It's easy!

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If you want to explore the TUVU community and find more people to follow, you came to the right place.

Use these tips to find new friends on TUVU!

  1. Explore the Trending Feed.

    The Trending Feed, found by clicking on the top left of the feed page, shows TUVU's top trending posts for the week. Easily discover other members by perusing the Trending Feed.

  2. Use the Explore Tab

    The Explore Tab, found by clicking the Explore icon (magnifying glass), allows members the opportunity to find new content and people. Scroll through to see if there's anyone new for you to follow!

  3. TUVU Spotlights

    The official TUVU account often spotlights different members. Keep an eye out for those spotlights to find new people to follow!

  4. Keep a lookout for your new followers

    Many people are looking to build a community on our app, just like you! Keep a lookout for your new followers to help build your community too.

At TUVU, we pride ourselves in prioritizing authentic community. We are glad you're part of ours, and we hope you enjoy building yours!

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