Why Two Feeds?

How is Friends Feed different from the Trending Feed?

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One of the things that sets TUVU apart from the Big Tech is not being subject to invasive algorithms. On most other platforms, the main form of content consumption primarily focuses on an algorithm based feed.

This means that Big Tech decides what you see when you scroll.

TUVU was designed with the consumer in mind. This means, we prioritize what you want to see. We wanted to give our members the option to browse what might be trending on our platform (algorithm based), while still allowing the chance to consume content chronologically as your main feed. That's why we created two that clearly indicate what kind of feed you are scrolling through.

Friends Feed

The Friends Feed is the content that you see when you open the TUVU App. On this feed, you see your friend's content as they post it (chronologically) and free of invasive algorithms.

Trending Feed

Trending Feed is found on the feed page next to the Friends feed. This feed uses an algorithm to show what the top trending posts are on our app. This feed is a great avenue to discover what kind of posts do well on TUVU and new people to add to your community.

By being transparent about our two different kinds of feeds and content consumption avenues, we are putting the power back in your hands to determine what you would like to see on your feed.

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