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Why is TUVU a Subscription App?
Why is TUVU a Subscription App?
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Let's paint a picture. You heard about this new social media app that protects your privacy and freedom of speech, but after downloading it, you get confronted with a paywall. It might seem confusing, because TUVU is a social media app... but it requires a subscription to join. While it might not seem obvious at the beginning,

Don't worry, we understand!

Reason #1: Your Privacy Matters

Big Tech makes money off of selling your data, or private information, to advertisers. By doing this, advertisers, in a way, have a say in what you see in your feed. TUVU does not sell your data, exploit it, or mine it. The $2.99 monthly fee allows our company to serve you. It's a membership to a premium platform - ad and algorithm free. Your posts will go to 100% of your audience.

Reason #2: Your Voice Matters

If you are a frequent flyer on any Big Tech social media platform, you have probably heard of posts getting censored or banned. You may have even heard of accounts getting shadow-banned or completely removed from Big Tech. In contrast, at TUVU, we value your voice. On our platform, you won't be censored for sharing the opinions, views, or values that matter to you.

Reason #3: Verified Users

The ease in creating additional accounts on other platforms opens the door to bots and unverified users strolling through their networks. On TUVU, we create accountability through our premium fee. This means, we don't have bots, and every account is a verified member. Paying the premium fee provides an additional level of protection that ensures we are a real, authentic community.

Reason #4: Unique Features

TUVU was created with the member in mind. This means, we created the app to serve your, not our, needs.

Here are a few examples

  1. Linking out of our platform.

    For example, we believe you should be able to link out of the platform in your captions. Whether you're an e-commerce brand, host a podcast, or are simply trying to share a video that made you laugh, we believe that you should have the ability to link out of our platform in an easy and convenient way through the captions of your posts.

  2. Trending vs. Friends Feed

    On TUVU, we appreciate the ability to discover other members through an interactive feed based off an algorithm. We don't believe, however, that you should be solely tied to this algorithm. That is why we offer the Friends Feed as the primary form of content consumption. Here, you see all your friends posts in chronological order.

We understand that it might seem as if we are going against the grain by charging for a social media... but that's just it. We are more than a social media. We are your digital neighborhood... your protected community.

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