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How Do I Make A Good ‘Intro Video’?
How Do I Make A Good ‘Intro Video’?
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Congrats! 🎉 Your pitch led the client to your profile and now they’re watching your Intro video. This is your chance to show them your natural camera presence! Be your authentic self, be confident.

First of all, introduce yourself and your interests - this gives them an idea of your lifestyle.

Then, talk about why you love creating content for brands and any niches you’re particularly interested in. Avoid saying you like ‘all niches’ - this usually deters them as it's a gamble! The video should be between 20 - 40 seconds, filmed in good lighting (ideally facing a window or using ring light), and audio should be crystal clear.

If you would like a second pair of eyes to review your intro video, get in touch!

Good luck!

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