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How Many Days Do I Have To Complete The Content?
How Many Days Do I Have To Complete The Content?
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We expect all content to be submitted within 5 days of product arrival. If no physical product, your 5 days starts as soon as you confirm the project and have any needed logins/information.

Please submit the final edit, complete with captions/subtitles! It should feel 'ready-to-post'. Remember to also submit a version without the captions/subtitles (raw edit).

Please note: When you confirm your availability for a project, you are confirming that for the next 10 days you are in the country and available to complete.

The brand then has 7 days to review and request a revision if necessary. When a revision is requested, you will have another 48 hours to revise the content.

We understand life gets in the way sometimes. If something unexpected comes up, please send us a message and we will let the brand know!

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