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3. Shipping Product - It’s On Its Way
3. Shipping Product - It’s On Its Way

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Shipment Arrangement: Upon confirmation, the brand is notified to deliver the product, with arrangements taking up to 3 days.

Delivery Address: Your address is securely shared with the brand for delivery purposes. Occasionally, they may request your phone number for tracking, but we ensure your consent is obtained before sharing any personal information. Typically, contact information from a Twirl member is used for tracking.

Product Personalisation: In some cases, personalising the product may be necessary. The brand will provide 100% discount codes for you to order the product yourself. In exceptional circumstances where payment is required, it will be reimbursed in the total payout via Lumanu.

Accountability and Tracking: After ordering, share the tracking number with us promptly. This allows us to track the shipment and ensures accountability for the delivery process.

Notification and Tracking: Once the shipping is confirmed by the brand, an automated email notifies you that the product is on its way, usually with tracking information. If the email lacks tracking details, please reach out to us.

Home Delivery Preparation: Use the tracking information to ensure you're available to receive the delivery or arrange alternative methods, such as leaving it in a safe place or with a neighbour. If you won't be home, please organise an alternative method in advance.

Twirl Check-In: Twirl will check in with you when the product is due to arrive, as we need confirmation of receipt. When the product arrives, promptly confirm via Twirl under the "My Jobs" section. This enables us to set an appropriate deadline for the project, typically 5 days after the product's arrival.

Delivery Accountability: Attempting to delay the confirmation may lead to consequences, and pressure may be applied to expedite content creation based on the tracking status.

Product Verification: Upon product arrival, double-check that it matches the details listed in the Product section of the brief. While rare, there might be cases of accidental dispatch of the wrong product. If so, you won't be disadvantaged, and the brand will send the correct product without affecting your 5-day timeline.

Tracking Discrepancies: If the tracking indicates delivery, but you haven't received the product, contact us immediately. We'll collaborate with the courier to resolve the issue promptly. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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