Our click system is designed to make assembly quick and easy and in theory should always work perfectly. The reality is that the elements are mounted by hand, and from time to time our customers notify us about difficulties they experience while manually assembling the shelves.

Luckily, 99% of the cases can be resolved with just a few minor click system regulations, and in this article we'll cover how you can fix your problem yourself!

The Elements

The click system consists of two types of pins (silver and orange):

As well as two types of modular connectors that the pins click into.

  • Black connector for silver pins:

  • Orange connectors for orange pins (with a narrowing that makes the grip stronger):

When and How to Regulate the System:

  • If the board won't slide into place...

If you're having trouble sliding the vertical and horizontal pieces together so that the edges are flat with one other, it means that the elements of the click system are too tight.
In order to fix it, you need to loosen the screws holding the modular connectors. We recommend unscrewing them a little bit (0,25-0,5 turns), checking if the pieces fit better and repeating this if needed. 

  • If the board is wobbly...

If the board is not very stable, you need to tighten the screws. First try screwing the pins in a little bit more. If it still doesn't feel fully secure, please try tightening the screws on the modular connectors as well.
(Please remember, shelf sturdiness is fully achieved  when the back supports are mounted.)

  • If one of the modular connectors is mounted the wrong way...

As mentioned, all parts of the click system are mounted by hand during manufacturing. Occasionally a human mistake can happen and an element gets mounted the wrong way. In this case, we ask for your understanding. ;)
Please simply unscrew the element and screw it in the right way. To figure out which one you might need to change, please compare the vertical piece with another one that has all the pieces mounted correctly.

  • If pins are missing...

If there are pins missing in any of the horizontal parts, please contact us and we will ship you a package with extra pins right away.

We hope this article was helpful, but should you need more advice or assistance, our customer service teammates are always available to do their best to advise you further.

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