Inbox refers to a reference collection where references that are not yet allocated to specific documents are added.

From a local drive or Google Drive, it is possible to add the following formats of references: PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, image files, or web URLs.

Any references that are added to the Inbox show how long they have been stored in the Inbox. The references that have been stored in the Inbox longer will appear on top in descending order.

The purpose is to encourage users to utilize said references they collected in the past when working on a relevant document.

They can be moved from the Inbox to an individual document if necessary. Deleting from the Inbox is also an option if it is no longer needed.

When working on any document, any references from the Inbox can be referenced by clicking the Inbox tab on the document bar. The reference can be added from the Inbox to the current library by clicking "Add to current library".

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