Typed Web Extension is a web clipper that allows for an easy collection of web references.


  1. Head to the Chrome web store and search Typed.

  2. Click on "Add to Chrome".

If you have re-installed the extension, you must still refresh your Google Chrome or restart it.


  1. Click the puzzle-shaped button next to the address bar to pin the extension.

  2. Restart Google Chrome.


  1. (If you just installed or re-installed it) It will prompt you to log in to your Typed account.

  2. Go to a website of your choice to collect.

  3. Click on the extension button or the default hotkey.

    1. Windows:
      [ctrl] + [shift] + [1]

    2. MacOS
      [cmd] + [shift] + [1]

  4. Select the save location.

  5. Save by clicking on "Save to Typed" or clicking on the default save hotkey, "Enter".


  1. Click on your Typed's profile image to open up the settings.
    (You can also log out and log in to another Typed account for the extension to clip to a different account).

  2. To change Typed's extension keyboard shortcuts click on a box and enter a key or a combination of keys to change it to your liking.


  1. If the reference is already in your Typed, the extension will not clip the website.

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