Maintaining an updated course is an important part of teaching online. We understand that industry standards can evolve over time which is why you may see some of our courses retire and be replaced with new and updated content.

Below are answers to some of the FAQ's we receive about what happens when a course is retired.

What does retiring a course mean?

Retiring a course on Typsy means fully removing it from our platform. This means that you will no longer be able to access the course through the Discover menu or through Assigned training.

What happens to my certificate?

Your certificate will continue to be valid even after the course has been retired. You can view your certificate via your public profile or via your Certificate Achievements.

Will I keep my skill credits?


Your skill credits will not be removed when the course is retired. You can view your skill credits at anytime via your Skill credit Achievements.

What if I haven't completed the course yet?

When the course is retired from the platform it will no longer be available for viewing. This means that if you have started the course but not finished it yet, you will no longer be able to complete the course.

What happens to my assigned training?

As an Admin or Manager, you may have used a retired course or one of its lessons in your assigned training. Once the course is retired, it will continue to feature in your assigned training but will not be accessible by your members.

To remove the retired course from your training you will need to archive the training item. You can then assign a new training item without the retired course selected.

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