We do now support Google Single Sign On on our new web version of the game! Unfortunately, we still cannot support it on the installed version or the old web version.

Therefore, if your students need to use the old version due to technical issues, they will need a password with their Google accounts to log in via our login form.

Installed Version or Old Web Version

Due to changes on some platforms, we can not support "Sign in with Google" on the installed version or the old web version.

When You Import from Google Classroom

When you import students from Google Classroom, the system will automatically generate passwords for them. (How do I import students from Google Classroom?)

The Teacher Dashboard will show you these passwords once after you import them from Google, and also email copies of the login information with instructions to your students.


You can save a copy of the credentials by the "Print Roster" button. You can reset their passwords if necessary. (How can we reset student passwords?)

How Student Will Log In

Students will sign in with their school emails (imported from Classroom), and the password we generated for them on this screen.


If they switch to the new web version, they can simply use the "Sign In with Google" button to log in with their Google SSO credentials, or keep using the password we generated.

Please use live chat to let us know if you have any questions.

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