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For the first game session, we suggest you give your students about 30 minutes of free play to get their characters set up and do the tutorial.

We know that your class time is super valuable, and this will save time in the long run for two reasons.

First, they will know how to play and can focus on the content so you can stay more focused on your subsequent classes.

And second, since you’re able to use Tyto Online across your school year, you’ll be able to get in and out of the game and use it frequently with a lot more ease as something they are already familiar with.

So, here’s a quick run-down of what they’ll do in that first session!

  • They’ll get the story and context about the game and who they are in it. They are Earth evacuees on an alien planet in the future! -- which gives it more emotional content and engagement.

  • They will get to customize their character to look like them! We have a lot of options here to help them find something close to how they look.

  • They’ll have a tutorial so they know how to move around, track quests, use the map, and more!

  • And they’ll learn all this on their way to get set up with their own apartment.

By doing this, the goal is that they end that first session with ownership, ready to jump in and earn more ways to customize their characters and rooms as they keep playing! And hopefully be encouraged to play more at home, too!

Fully Furnished Apartment

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