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Using Tyto Online in your Classroom
Is your chat safe? How do you protect players in the game?
Is your chat safe? How do you protect players in the game?
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Update: Currently chat is not supported on the classroom platform.

First, students within classrooms are only able to interact with other students in their classroom. We will consider enabling parent permissions to open this up further out of school hours in the future if it's a feature our educators are interested in.

Even among your own students, we know there can be serious concerns about cyber-bullying and other inappropriate discussion in chat.

We therefore utilize an industry-leading chat partner that handles our filtering and can escalate concerning patterns to moderators (and we can reach out to the teacher, if necessary).

Overall, the chat filter is very strict and makes it difficult for students to use any bullying or inappropriate language. The filter uses Natural Language Processing and proprietary algorithms to determine if a text contains a blacklisted word or phrase. The filter has been used for over a decade and has used knowledge gained from processing billions of messages each month in order to learn how users try to get around the filter and catch those tricks, such as:

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