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How can we reset student passwords?
How can we reset student passwords?
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This depends on the type of account creation you did, and particularly whether there is an email address associated with the account.

Class Code or Manually Created Accounts

If the student does not have an email associated with their account

Student accounts are NOT required to have emails for privacy reasons, so the only way for an account without an email to get its password reset is for the teacher to do it for them.

Go to "Manage Classes" in your Learning Dashboard and select the class the student is in.

From there, you'll see your current students under Student Roster.

Select "Edit Roster" and you will be able to edit student usernames or passwords.


Just change the fields you want to change, and leave the others untouched. When you are done, be sure to select "Save Changes." The change will take effect immediately.


Just like when you originally set up the classes, it will show you the new password once after you save, so please save it immediately!

Want to reset ALL your student passwords in a class? We do have an option for that! Select "Reset All [Name of Class] Passwords" and it will generate a new set of passwords for your entire class that will take effect immediately.


Google Classroom Accounts

If the student does have an email associated with their account

If the student has an email associated, such as an account that was imported from Google Classroom, then they can reset the password themselves.

Use this link for resetting a password. Or just click "Unable to login?" when trying to log in on and follow the prompts!

Prefer to manage it for them? You can still edit their passwords following the instructions above.

Please note that some school domains will not allow students to receive email from outside domains like ours, so you will need to manage their passwords and distribute them to students manually if this is the case for your organization.

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