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How do I assign Storylines?
How do I assign Storylines?
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To assign a Storyline, head to a Module within the Learning Dashboard. Click the “Storylines” button at the top of the Module navigation bar.

The Storylines page will then show each of the Storylines available within that Module.

The Purple tags underneath the Storyline dictate the NGSS performance expectations for the Storyline. Orange tags are Disciplinary Core Ideas. Blue tags are Science and Engineering Practices, and Green tags are Crosscutting concepts.


To view a storyline, simply click the “View Storyline” button below each storyline. For instance, let’s check out A Balanced Diet from the Ecology Module.


At the bottom of the page, you can view each of the quests in Tyto Online that comprise this Storyline. To view the quests details within each part of the storyline, just click the arrow at the rightmost side of the tab.


If you’d prefer to assign a single quest inside this Storyline, you can do so with the “Assign Single Quest” button. Otherwise, click “Assign Storyline” at the bottom of the page to assign the entire storyline to a class.

Assigning a Storyline follows the same format as regular assignment of content where educators simply select the students or classes and to queue now or on a date, and create the assignment.

One thing that is unique to Storylines, is that they are long enough that you will likely not do them all in one session or class period. If you choose to queue a Storyline on a specific date, you can select separate dates for the different parts of the Storyline to schedule them along with your class progress.

For example, this Storyline could be be completed across Monday and Wednesday's classes, to set up a Friday discussion about ecosystem balance and if we're able to make sustainable biodomes in the real world, and how we would do that.

Once you are satisfied with whom to assign the storyline to, and if/when you are going to break up the storyline's quests, simply click “Save Assignment(s).”

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