Tyto Online has a built-in progression system that goes "micro to macro" and unlocks content for students as they learn pre-requisite knowledge automatically.

When they first play the game, they will encounter Cells to Organisms Module quests. After they've progressed and learned enough about cells, when begin to unlock the Growth & Genetics content. Similarly, once they learn about photosynthesis through the Cells to Organisms quests, we unlock the Ecology content so they can continue to learn in that direction.

Sandboxes, where we have them, are unlocked after the student has completed some content within each unit so that we feel confident they'll have enough background knowledge to do the Sandbox.

This is a diagram of our current content order:


Where it branches, students will have options: they can continue in Cells to Organisms and Growth & Genetics simultaneously, letting them pick where they are most interested and what they want to do next.

If you are homeschooling and have a different order in mind, such as if you are just starting your Weather & Climate learning and you want to skip the rest for now, that's an option, too. We can turn on homeschooling tools for content assignment and assessment data. Read more about that here.

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