Traveling: Transit Centers
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Tyto Online consists of multiple maps that players can travel between. Therefore, one of the key ways you get around is through using the Transit Centers.

The Main map is the Student District, and is the central hub. All maps are connected to the Student District.

Players travel between maps via Transit Centers and/or Doors. Most doors look like this, with a blue glow to help you realize you can interact with them:


All maps contain at least one Transit door that serves as an exit to other maps.

You can instantly teleport to the main transit door of your current map by clicking the Blue Door button on the Minimap:


The Student District’s Central Transit door is located in the area circled in red. Most maps outside the Student District are connected to this door, so exiting a map typically puts the player here.


When a Transit door is clicked, if it is linked to more than one map, a list of maps that door can travel to appears.


If no list appears, that is because it only leads to one location -- generally back to the Student District; either the Main Transit Center or inside the Academy.

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