We launched an HTML5 browser version in January 2021! This is the direction we’re wanting to move everyone towards and hope to retire our install clients by the 2021-2022 school year, as long as the web browser is working for all our school/district partners.

For this, no installation is needed; kids will just log in to tytoonline.com and click to play the game. There will be a load time as they download the needed game files, and then they can play in the browser.

So, let's talk about the details!

White Listing

Please white list [*].tytoonline.com, as we run all our student-facing services through a variety of subdomains on the Tyto Online site.

Device Requirements

We've tested on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks. We do not yet support tablets or mobile.

The device needs to be able to allocate 512 MB of RAM to Tyto Online when it begins to initialize; in our observations, this works best on a device with 4 GB of RAM or more.

Support for MediaTek processors is coming in for Fall 2021. For now, students with those devices can use our old version, which is web streaming (basically remote desktop into a virtual computer that only has access to Tyto Online).


Our recommended browser is an up-to-date version of Google Chrome.

Based on our testing, here is our list of browser compatibility:

  • Chrome: Supported

  • Edge: Supported

  • Firefox: Not Yet Supported

  • Safari: Not Yet Supported

Data Storage & Cacheing

When students first load into the game, they will download around 100 MB of data as they progress through stages and get into the game world. The total game package is ~400 MB including all maps (only loaded as needed).

As of mid-February, we will be enabling a cacheing system for the game so that when students return, they will only need to re-download any components that have been updated. Due to this, we recommend not automatically clearing students' data on logoff or very frequently; or exempting tytoonline.com if that is possible with your system.

Other Upcoming Improvements

The web deployment is new for us, so please feel free to provide feedback on areas you find that could be improved. For example, one thing we'll be doing soon is investigating "pre-initializing" the code to make it faster to load on Chromebooks or other devices with slower processing.

Testing the Game's Functionality on Student Devices

One thing we'd recommend is that you test the game on a student device or a device with permissions equal to that of a student. Playing an HTML5 game like ours requires a lot more than just being able to load onto the website: we then load in assets, initialize web assembly code, connect authentication, render a 3D game, and have ongoing client<>server communication.

If you are an IT team and you need a student account to test with, please reach out to hello@tytoonline.com from your organization email address, and we will provide you one.

Then, follow these steps!

Log in to Tyto Online

Head here and log in to the Tyto Online website: https://account.tytoonline.com/login

Enter your credentials and log in.

Click to "Play the Game"

Once logged in, you will see a big "Play the Game" button on the home page. Click that and the HTML5 browser game will load in another tab.


Confirm Gameplay

From there, the game will progress through a series of loading screens/stages, each with a different role; so if it gets stuck somewhere, please let us know which one and provide a copy of the Console log if possible!

Once you reach the "Class Select" screen (below, except yours will not have a character yet) and it is rendering correctly, it is likely the game is having no problems and you can confirm testing. If you'd like to go one step further, select "Enter World" and confirm you can interact with the game elements further by playing for a couple of minutes.


If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to use the live chat available on this page, and we can connect that way or get on a call and help you troubleshoot!

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