Tyto Online currently has two different ways it can be accessed: a native app install onto Windows/Chromebooks, or through the web browser (which also supports Macs). We currently do not support tablets or other mobile devices.

We would like to retire all installs in the near future; please let us know if that is a problem for your school, so we can take your needs into account.

Our downloads/installs are freely open for as many devices as you want. Access is controlled through accounts that your teachers will set up for students.

Web Gameplay Option

Brand new in January 2021! This is the direction we’re wanting to move everyone towards. For this, no installation is needed, the kids will just log in to tytoonline.com and click to play the game. There will be a load time as they download the needed game files, and then they can play in browser.

Benefits: No installation, no updating from the IT team needed
Disadvantages: Takes more internet bandwidth while playing

Installation Option

You can download and deploy a Windows installation package. These are not through their platform stores, but as an .exe that can then be distributed to computers.

Please see the information here about installation and internet unblocking for this version: IT Guide Tyto Online for Windows

Benefits: Slower internet needed to run the game, as the product is pre-loaded, and better experience for kids (faster, more responsive app)
Disadvantage: Having to deploy an installation and keep it up-to-date when we put out updates (generally 2x per semester).

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