Please note that we also have a native, HTML5 web option now that is highly recommended. We would like to retire all installs in the near future; please let us know if that is a problem for your school, so we can take your needs into account.

How to Install Tyto Online

We use a Launcher/Installer for Tyto Online, since it's an online game, to make sure that everyone is loading into the correct, updated version. You can download the Launcher at the following links:

That launcher will download the rest of the game package. Once you've downloaded the game package, you can then distribute the entire package to the computers you manage, rather than needing to re-download from the launcher.

For more information about the installation process, read our article about installing on Windows.

Internet Access

HTML5/Web Based, please ensure these are whitelisted:

  • * (i.e. and its subdomains)

The web game only uses these two ports, which will already be open: 80, 443.

If you are playing on Windows, you will also need to whitelist:



Also, some web filter software such as Lightspeed may identify the game communication as P2P and block it. If this happens, please reach out to us for solutions.

Update Schedule

We do have a scheduled update process for new content we are adding to the game. For example, adding a new Module over winter break that teachers can use in Spring. The planned annual update schedule is:

  • New School Year Update (~August 1st)

  • Winter Update (over winter break based on schools' schedules)

  • Summer Update (after the school year ends we may opt to do an update for students or teachers using the product over the summer, especially if we are testing new content for the following school year!)

If you do not want to update during the school year, please reach out to us about maintaining an older server for your school through the end of the school year. You can use the chat on the bottom right of this page or submit a support ticket ("Submit a Request") for us to set up for you.

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