We recommend all users begin to play directly in the web browser and are working towards retiring all installs in the near future. To play in the browser, you will simply need to log in at https://account.tytoonline.com/login and then press "Play the Game!" from the homepage or sidebar.

Launching the App on Student Devices

Do not log into the device!

On the Chromebook’s sign in screen, in the bottom left corner of the screen, there should be a tab called “Apps”, with a grid-like symbol on its left side. Click the icon to see all kiosk apps approved by the admin account, and select Tyto Online (com.immersedgames.tyto_online) to open it.


Students should not sign in on the Chromebook should they wish to access your kiosk apps. If they are already signed in, they will need to sign out to access the Kiosk app.

The first time the app is initialized will take a long time, as it will every time the app is updated on the Play Store. This is normal, as it’s re-downloading the app at that time. Speed is dependent on your network, but we find it takes around 20-30 minutes on slower internet and can be as fast as 4 minutes on very fast internet. Subsequent initializations, barring an update, should take around 15 seconds.

Closing the App

To properly close Tyto Online in Kiosk mode, just hold the Chromebook’s power button and select “Power off” or “Sign out”. Trying to quit the game normally will simply restart it.

Teacher & Student Instruction Slides

We made some Google Slides that can be used to introduce this concept to your students. It's quite simple, but we know it's different than how they normally interact, so they may need some help seeing how to log in and out!

Access the Slides here.

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