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Can I re-import my Google Class?
Can I re-import my Google Class?

Use Google Import to make changes to your Tyto class roster

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Current Function

You can use Google import to make changes to your Tyto class roster. The process is the same as if you were importing to an empty class. When an import happens:

  • If an email did not have an associated Tyto account, a new account will be created

  • If an email already has a Tyto account associated, that account will not be duplicated

    • The account will be added to your class if it was not already in it

    • The passoword will not be reset. You will see this message:

  • If an account is already in your class but not in the Google class you are importing, it will NOT be removed.

    Future Plan

    We do plan to use a synching function that will connect a Tyto class strictly to a Google class.

    When a synch happens, Tyto will not only create or add accounts to your Tyto class for everyone in the Google class but also remove accounts that are no longer in the linked Google class, making the Tyto class consistent with the Google class.


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