"Brief" refers to either an "Advisor Brief" or a "UCSF Brief". The Briefs section is the last section on the company profile you complete, but arguably the most important because it describes what kind of match the company is seeking.

  1. Advisor Brief: This is the section on the company's profile page where they fill out what kind of person in the UCSF Health Hub community they are seeking to connect to. Completing this section activates a match request. With each new advisor brief the founder can request one of ten advisor types they wish to meet. The founder specifies the skills, specialty areas, goals of the connection, and what kind of help they need. This information is private and only viewable to the UCSF Health Hub team, our BOD if you opt-in, and your match. When you are connected to your curated match, the advisor will be able to see this information and assess if they are a good fit for the company.

  2. UCSF Brief: UCSF Health Hub is facilitating startups to work with UCSF for several project types (1) co-development/early prototype (2) product validations (3) pilot studies with a UCSF PI (4) clinical trials. By completing a new UCSF Brief you activate our team of UCSF navigators to review your brief, assess if the project is of interest to someone at UCSF, and if so begin navigations to facilitate initiation of the collaboration.

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