Q: How does your matching algorithm work?

A: UCSF Health Hub Connect intelligently matches advisors to companies or projects using a sophisticated matching algorithm that takes into account both healthcare advisor and company type attributes.  We built the algorithm based on four years of tens of thousands of data points generated from the Bad Ass Advisors project and most recently making a number of bespoke matches in UCSF Health Hub Connect.

Attributes considered include: advisor type requested, advisor skill and specialty types (rank ordered), advisor and company physical location, internal USCF department, and UCSF Profiles keywords matching.

UCSF Health Hub Connect will be continuously updating the matching algorithm with additional data and project types. For example, currently, the algorithm is only used to match investors, advisors, mentors and luminaries with companies. Requests for 'UCSF Briefs' are evaluated by our team and forwarded to the respective departments and groups within UCSF. As we continue to add connectively across UCSF and the rest of the UC ecosystem, the matching system will be expanded.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and ideas at info@uschhealthhub.com.

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