Version 2.3.1 is releasing a little later today and there are three things to be aware of before upgrading:

Google Analytics

We have built a new API to support google analytics 4 and be all round more stable and expand on the data it can supply. This does mean however your existing connection to our old API will not work with the new one. In short, you will receive a 'invalid json token' message on the cards. All you have to do is remove google analytics account the usual way and reconnect.

Overview Template

If you are using a custom overview page template then this will still load and should (apart from some style changes) look the same. if you have never edited the overview template then you will be greeted by a screen asking if you would like to import the default template or enter the edit more (providing you have privileges to do so)

If you are not interested in building a custom dashboard, just import the template and you will be good to go.

Google Analytics 4 / universal Analytics

There are some analytics cards that don't support universal analytics and some that don't support google analytics 4. A good example here is bounce rate, in google analytics 4 this is replaced with engagement rate. If you use a card that is incompatible with your version it will display a message saying so. You can just edit the template and remove the card.

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