As of v2.3.1 it is possible to filter the global data available to overview cards. This means there is an easy way to add dynamic data to be used in your custom overview cards.


Adding a custom card to the overview page

add_filter("uip_filter_data_object", 'my_custom_data_filter', 1, 2);

The above will fire when the overview page loads and every time the data range is changed.

A function used with this will receive two variables:

$dataObject - This is the main data object that contains all of the data required for the overview cards. It is also the object that we will be pushing data to.

$dateObject - This contains the current dates of the overview page as an object. The four keys included are 'endDate', 'startDate', 'endDate_comparison' and 'startDate_comparison'.

In the below example we will return the current PHP version to the object.

function my_custom_data_filter($dataObject, $dateObject) {

if (!is_array($dataObject)) {
$dataObject = [];

$dataObject["phpVersion"] = phpversion();

return $dataObject;

Now every card on the overview page will receive the PHP version in the dataObject. Accessing this data in the card using javascript would look like this:;

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