At Ultrabold, we make some of our products in Asia simply because the production offered by the factories there is of very high quality and the suppliers are very reliable. The cost advantage is secondary.

The common idea that products made in China or the Far East are "cheap and poor quality" and that Europe is "expensive and good quality" is no longer valid. When choosing our manufacturing partners, we always look for those with the most expertise in their field, those who offer the highest quality and production level to meet our demanding standards. We are very proud of our manufacturers and suppliers and the relationship we have with them. Some countries, such as China, are considered in the industry to be the best manufacturers in the world - in terms of quality, precision, scale, efficiency and ease of working relationship.

If you have a particular problem with manufacturing in China or the Far East, we may not have been able to convince you, but we hope we have at least been able to explain why we chose to use the factories there.

Finally, if you wish to test the quality of our products, you are free to return your order, for whatever reason, within 30 days of receiving your order.

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