SSL certificate (https)

The Ultrabold website has an SSL certificate (256 bit) on all of its pages, this means content is securely encrypted and delivered using HTTPs instead of traditional HTTP. This device also guarantees privacy for the data that passes between the web browser (you) and the website (us).

Encrypted payment system

Credit card payments are handled by Stripe®, known for its reliability in Internet transactions. The transaction between you and Ultrabold is fully encrypted (SSL) as indicated by the symbols your browser’s status bar during the payment phase. The encrypted banking information that you give from your computer, will never appear in clear text on the Internet. Furthermore, Ultrabold does not store any credit card information.

3D Secure

3D Secure was invented to prevent fraudulent credit card payments (stolen card numbers, for example), in order to reduce fraud and secure customer payments. It verifies that the cardholder and the third party making an online payment is one single person and the same person, to increase online payment security. This also has a legal impact, which we will discuss talk about here below.

This system is called 'Verified by Visa' at Visa, and 'SecureCode' for Mastercard

In practice, you will make your purchases on the Internet as usual. You will still have to register your numbers, the expiration date and your bank card’s visual cryptogram. After registering this information, you will be redirected to your bank's website, which will ask you for additional information.

Each bank is free to choose its authentication method, among which (non-exhaustive list):

  • a general password (which can be changed)

  • a key card system (paper sheet) sent to you by your bank (type battle naval: enter the number of column 5, line 3).

  • an electronic box system (you enter the code displayed by the electronic box)

  • your date of birth

  • a code sent to you by SMS during payment authorization...

Once the information is entered, you will be sent back to the online store's payment page, which will confirm that your payment has been processed.

Be aware that additional information entered on your bank's website is not accessible to the online store at any time, so it cannot be hacked.

You have the option of obtaining your confirmation code via your banking institution, prior to the validation of your online orders. For any information regarding this procedure, we invite you to consult your bank branch, which will provide you with the necessary modalities and information in a personalized manner.

You can also find information about 3D Secure on the website of your bank, or that of your bank card issuer:

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