How to access Plus Courses on website?

Please follow the below steps to access a Plus course. 

  • Login using your registered email ID and password

  • Go to Plus tab

  • Select the course which you want to access

  • On right most corner, you will find the option to watch live, please click on that and start watching videos.

How to enroll in a Course? 

Once you select the goal, you will find the option to view the ongoing and upcoming courses. Please click on the checkbox you see on the particular course in which you are looking to enroll.

Where can I find my enrolled Courses?

You can simply go to the Plus tab on your mobile app. Click on Enrolled Courses --> Courses. You will see all your enrolled and completed courses in this section.

How to download a Video/Session? 

You can download recordings of the sessions to watch them offline on your app. As of now, this feature is not available on the web. You can only use the app to download the sessions.
Go to the Course and you will find a download option besides all the recorded sessions.

How to download a PDF?

You will not be able to download PDF directly from the Updates Section in the course page any longer. Now, you can directly download it from the Lessons Section.
You will have two options:

  • With annotations

  • Without annotations

How to extend subscription using Learner Referral Code?

You can refer your friends and if they subscribe to any goal using your referral code, then both of you will get an extension.

This is how it works:

For example, if your friend uses your learner referral code and gets the subscription for 1 month/3 months, then you will get 1 week/ 3 weeks extension respectively whereas your friend will get 10% discount. If your friend subscribes for 6 months, then you will get 6 weeks extended subscription whereas your friend will get 10% discount and if it is for 12 months, then you get 12 weeks whereas your friend will get 10% discount.

How to find your Referral code:

  • Please tap on Plus in the mobile App.

  • You will find the "i" symbol on the top right corner. Please tap on it.

  • You will find the 'Extend your subscription for free'. Tap on it.

  • You will find the referral code and you will have the option to invite your friend. 

How can I renew my subscription?

To renew your subscription, please go to the Account section.
On the app, the account section comes by clicking on the top right "i" button.
On the web, it comes by clicking on Account. Once you click on Account, you can click on "Extend Subscription".

What if my class timings clash? 

We try our best that class timings do not clash. However, there may be a few sessions for which the timings overlap depending on the availability of educators. And, that is the reason we have the feature of watching missed classes on Plus Subscription.

You can watch a missed class online or download and watch a class offline (in airplane mode) even if you miss a class for any reason.
Please get back to me if you still face some issue.

What is the use of the Calendar feature in Plus? 

The calendar feature in the Unacademy Learning app can be used to check your daily schedule in the app in chronological order. You need to enroll for a particular course and then you can see all the upcoming lessons in the calendar.

Can I pay using EMI option? 

Yes, we have various EMI options available. While doing the payment, you can see multiple EMI plans and the amount you need to pay every month. You can choose any one that meets your requirement.
P.S. - The EMI plan is only available for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months on credit cards using website only.

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