Welcome to the Undock scheduling guide.

Before you begin, make sure you have the Chrome extension installed - the extension will unlock your Smart Scheduling Window.

You can also view this quick video to help you get started!

Step 1

Open up a new draft in Gmail and add recipients to the email. If the recipients are Undock users then when you suggest times, Undock will automatically suggest the mutually preferred times based on everyone's preferences, true availability, and scheduling behavior.

Add a subject to your email - this will also default to the meeting title.

Step 2

Start suggesting times. Type the ‘/’ key in the body of the email. This will bring up the Undock Smart Scheduling Window and only surface times that work best for you.

To insert specific times: Hit TAB to insert the top suggested time(s) or manually select dates and times with your mouse or arrow keys.

To insert a date range: Hit CTRL + U to share larger windows of time for your recipient to choose. When you’re done inserting times, just keep typing and the window will close.

To insert a real-time booking page: Hit CTRL + L to insert a booking page. If you have multiple recipients on the email and insert this link, the booking page will automatically update with the availability of all of the recipients that are Undock users. If you’re the only Undock user on the thread, it will only update with just your personal availability.

Quick tip #1: We recommend including a link to your personal booking page as part of your email signature. This will always give others a way to connect with you.

Quick tip #2: If you’re meeting with someone who isn’t currently an Undock user, suggest a few times that work. Undock will automatically hold these times so you will never double book.

Step 3

Send the email! When the recipient(s) click on a meeting time to confirm you will receive a notification in your email and the meeting will be displayed on your personal calendar.

Step 4

Pin the Chrome extension for quick access to Undock from anywhere.

  1. Select the puzzle piece on the top right of Chrome

  2. “Pin” the Undock icon

  3. Anytime you select this pinned icon (from any website), a meeting scheduler will appear with all the same functionality as your email.

Step 5

Keep customizing at https://app.undock.com/profile.

We're adding new features every day, so check out your account settings to limit the number of meetings per day, create private profiles, sync multiple calendars, integrate your favorite conferencing link, and more.

Account Settings:

  • Limit Availability: Just because you have a day with zero meetings, it doesn’t mean the world should know that. Cap your number of meetings per day (between 4 and unlimited).

  • Private Profile: Guests can only schedule meetings when you send a one-time link

  • Add Multiple Calendars: Your Primary calendar will be the calendar you see in your scheduling window and add to meetings. We’ll cross-reference this with your Blocking calendar to ensure we only propose available times.


  • Select your working windows by day as well as your preferred times to meet


  • Establish the platform you prefer to use for conferencing (Google Meet, Zoom, Undock, or another platform). We play nice with everyone. See below for our Hotkey Guide

Undock shortcuts supercharge your scheduling speed — every scheduling intention is just a keypress away. Use this cheat sheet to master them all! Pro Tip: When you open the Smart Scheduling Window, press "CTRL (or CMD) + H" to bring up the guide.

We’ll be adding more shortcuts soon.


How do you know which time slots to surface?
Undock compares availability, preferences, time zones, and scheduling behavior to suggest mutually-preferred times. The slots with the lightning bolts are the highest-scoring, but any time you see is confirmed to be available.

I don't want someone to see my whole day. What kind of privacy controls can I set?
We get that! With "Limit Availability," you can set the maximum visible meetings per day. Also, with a “Private Profile,” others can only view your booking page when you send a unique one-time link.

Do I need to create a new email to schedule a meeting?
No! Simply reply to a thread and use the / to immediately insert a mutually preferred time.

How do holds work? Will they clog my availability if I have too many of them?
Undock temporarily holds times you offer for each meeting so you never double book. When a meeting time is confirmed the held times are released back in the availability pool. This ensures that you can schedule freely and not have to worry about double booking or clogging your availability.

You can also press Alt to be able to view all held times in the scheduling window, allowing you to dynamically find the next best times for those important meetings.

If someone responds to my email by saying that a time works, how does the meeting get scheduled?
We get it, on rare occasions people don’t realize the times are clickable. That’s why we made it so that you can confirm your own meetings. Simply click on the time that was agreed on and confirm it.

Can I add multiple calendars?
Yes! You can set "primary" and "blocking" calendars within the same account profile.

How do I cancel a scheduled meeting?

You can cancel a meeting as you normally would - eg: within Google calendar. This will automatically talk to Undock.

How do I update conference details or attendees of a scheduled meeting?

You can cancel a meeting as you normally would - eg: within Google calendar.

How do I change a scheduled meeting time?

Changing a meeting time is easy because you have immediate visibility into Undock attendee’s availability. Simple cancel as you normally would, and re-book using Undock.

How do I know if someone else has Undock?

If someone does not have Undock, you’ll see a “?” on top of their avatar. No worries, they can still book, join, and confirm meetings without an account.

My team is distributed across the world. Do I need to factor in their time zones?

Nope! We got you covered there. If you’re seeing a time, it means it works with everyone’s individual time zones.

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