When writing an email in Superhuman you can open the Scheduling Window by hitting the '/' or '\' key. Undock will automatically populate your next best availability like autocomplete by cross referencing your scheduling behavior, preferences, and availability.

If you don't see the scheduling window open then you need to download the chrome extension first.

To insert specific times: Hit TAB to insert the top suggested time(s) or manually select dates and times with your mouse or arrow keys.

To insert a date range: Hit CTRL + U to share larger windows of time for your recipient to choose. When you’re done inserting times, just keep typing and the window will close.

To insert a real-time booking page: Hit CTRL + L to insert a booking page. If you have multiple recipients on the email and insert this link, the booking page will automatically update with the availability of all of the recipients that are Undock users. If you’re the only Undock user on the thread, it will only update with just your personal availability.

To view all of the hotkeys hit: Hit CTRL + H to view the hotkey guide. For reference you can see it below. Greyed out hotkeys are still in development and haven't been released to production yet.

Quick tip #1: We recommend including a link to your personal booking page as part of your email signature. This will always give others a way to connect with you.

Quick tip #2: If you’re meeting with someone who isn’t currently an Undock user, suggest a few times that work. Undock will automatically hold these times so you will never double book.

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