In your account settings you can create different meeting types by clicking on Schedules. Perfect for Office Hours, Discovery Calls, Product Demos, SCRUMS, and more -- this is perfect for when you want to add more nuance to your proposed times.

Each Schedule comes with it’s unique availability preferences, participants, length, and associated calendar.

You can name the Schedule anything you'd like -- in this example it's Office Hours. I've set it to public meaning anyone can go to my booking page to book Office Hours. If I had set it to private than only people I send unique links to are able to book.

I also only want to open up Office Hours on Fridays so I deselect all other times.

Finally, you are able to designate which Calendar the event will publish to, the participants you'd like to include by default, and which videoconferencing platform you'd like to use for the meeting.

You can create as many Schedules as you want so go nuts!

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