An introduction to Undock Mobile on iOS

Undock has one mission, to empower our members to make time anywhere you type. And when it's time to meet you can do it from anywhere and now directly from your phone.

Make sure you have everything installed before you get started.

Schedule a meeting with the Mobile Keyboard

Now you can schedule a meeting with anyone, anywhere you type. Activate the mobile keyboard, click on the globe icon, and your Undock availability pops up and gives you a powerful way to send suggested times to meet with anyone, anywhere.

Schedule a meeting with Mobile app > People tab

From the people tab, you see the people you already meet with the most and this is the easiest way to schedule a new event with someone.

Schedule a New Event with Mobile app

In the footer menu, click on the "+" icon to create a new event.

  1. Enter Event Name

  2. Type in your guest email (for now)

  3. Select meeting duration

  4. Select a date and time

  5. Set the Agenda and Topics

  6. And Send!

Join a Video Conference from the app

From your Timeline, jump into your video or audio-only meetings. You can edit the Agenda and Topics before, during, and after from the mobile app.

What you should test

Schedule a meeting using the Mobile Keyboard

  • In a text message

  • In an application, you use a lot, IE.

    • Slack

    • Twitter DM

    • Linkedin DM

Schedule a meeting from the Mobile Application

Create a new event and tell us what you think.

Give us feedback

We're going to email you a few times to check-in. Have fun, schedule meetings, and launch meetings right from within the Undock mobile app.

Having any issues? Email us at support [at] or simply use the Intercom widget on the right-hand side of this page to start a new ticket.

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