28 Oct

Workflow automation

Automated email notifications to ensure specific people/teams get the information relevant to them at the right time. Notifications can be triggered upon campaign status changes and assigned to recipients email addresses.

Exemplary use cases:

  • Inform one or several people when a new campaign is created

  • Inform campaign management team when a campaign is confirmed

  • Notify execution team when a campaign is prepared and ready for execution

14 Oct

Date picker with calendar weeks

We updated our date picker for easier navigation to the relevant dates.

  • Indication on calendar weeks on the left hand side

  • Week start on Monday

06 Oct

Campaign Preview & Quick-Edit

We added a campaign preview to access relevant information quicker, with just one click from the timeline views


Preview and edit key campaign information with one click on a campaign or placement bar in the timeline - such as name, dates, status, partner, budget and notes. You can now also add notes and budgets, not only on campaign level, but also more granularly for placements.


a) In Planning View | Add multiple bookings of the same placement

e.g., within one campaign three Instagram Storys are scheduled

b) In Availability View | Create a new booking of a placement by double-clicking in the timeline. A booking will be created and you are asked to assign it to a campaign

e.g., add a booking of the Category Online Banner to the Product Launch Campaign

Video: Quick- edit and assign in timelines (Planning and Availability functionality)

2 Sept

Channels & Grouping

We introduced channels to organize the advertising inventory better, and create additional logical and visual orientation.

When creating a new touchpoint you can select the corresponding channel during the creation process - Online, Social, Newsletter, Offline, Print.

You can change the selection at any later point in the edit mode.

In the availability timeline you can group the advertising spaces by the assigned channels. With these tools at hand - grouping, filter and toggles - you can navigate to any view or to a specific object with a few clicks.

22 Aug

Improved search and filter

  • Search field added to all tables to navigate to a relevant object or group of objects quickly

  • Filter campaigns by status in the Planning and Campaign View

  • Search and filter enabled within campaign creation, to select booked placements quicker

15 Aug

Updated Campaign Status

To better represent the campaign lifecycle and related processes, campaign status values were expanded to the following values:

25 Jul

New navigation tab: Availability View

A new navigation item was added - the Availability View.

It shows your data grouped by channels and placements, while the Planning View is listed by campaigns.

What is the Availability View good for?

  • Illustrative use cases:

    • for trade marketing teams to identify potentials and analyze sales

    • for category managers/sales to see which placements are available in a certain week (e.g. to sell/respond to requests of advertising partners)

    • for channel owners to see what activities are going on in their spaces (e.g. in their store)

25 Jul

Improved timeline interactions

Planning and Availability now have improved functionality:

  • Sort alphabetically

  • Filter by touchpoint type and partners

  • Zoom in and out to change date granularity (week, month, quarter, year)

  • See calendar weeks on the timeline

  • Scroll into the past seamlessly

  • Design updates

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