What are Filters?

  • Filters help you access the information that is relevant to you

  • Filters are applied on user level - when a user returns to the application, previously set filters stay in place. This allows every user to set and save their own views

  • Additional, you can search by text in all tabs to navigate directly to an object

  • Search and filters can be accesses at the top right corner

Exemplary use cases:

  • As an account manager I can filter campaigns of the account(s) I am managing

  • As a channel owner I can filter campaigns that include bookings on the channel(s) I am responsible for

  • As a campaign manager I can access the campaigns that are relevant to me

  • As a campaign manager I can view all campaigns with a certain status (e.g., Draft; Confirmed)

  • As a sales manager I want to add booked placements to a campaign quickly

Filter on timelines (Planning and Availability)

In the Planning and Availability tab you can filter and group campaigns


  • by Status (e.g., Draft; Confirmed)

  • by Touchpoint Types (e.g., Online Shop, Newsletter, Store)

  • by Advertising Partners


  • by channel (in availability view)

Search and filter for campaign bookings

During the campaign creation you can filter and search placements to quickly navigate to the placements you want to book for this campaign

Search and filter on tables

In the Touchpoint and Placement tab you can filter by Touchpoint Types (e.g., Online Shop, Newsletter, Store) or search by the name to navigate directly to the object you want to view.

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